How (Not) to Avoid Reporters' Questions

Technical glitch or avoiding the question? Pundits are debating whether former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren really couldn't hear Andrea Mitchell's question.

Andrea Mitchell

Mitchell (MSNBC): "And I just have to ask you very briefly, in ten seconds, were you aware any of eavesdropping on John Kerry by Israeli intelligence?" 

Oren: "Andrea, I cannot hear you. I'm sorry." [ear piece touch] "[utterances] I'm in Tel Aviv. I cannot hear you. I'm sorry."

Oren was still the Israeli ambassador at the time of the alleged eavesdropping.

Huffington Post compiled a video of embarrassing question evasions. And this reminds me of the woman who hid under her desk to avoid a reporter. Not the best option.

Discussion Starters: 

  • Do you believe that Oren couldn't hear? Explain your response with evidence from the video.
  • If Oren was simply evading the question, what would have been a better strategy for managing the question?