Google Intercepted a Goldman Email

A Goldman Sachs contractor accidentally sent a confidential email to a Gmail address instead of the "" domain. Unlike most of us who have mistyped an address (and who hasn't), the contractor, client, and company will suffer no humiliation.

Goldman asked Google to intercept the email. The appeal to Google was simply that it's an easy action for Google to take compared to the potential damage of the client's data being revealed. (I'm nosy: Who's the client, and just how much are we talking about?)

Google complied with the court order, and it's a happy ending, sort-of. Critics say Goldman's legal machine made this happen, and some wonder whether we could see a legal precedent, but this is unlikely because Google didn't fight the request, so there's no court decision to ponder.

Goldman Sachs v. Google

Discussion Starters:

  • Did Google do the right thing? What are the potential pros and cons of the company's decision to comply with Goldman's request?
  • What are the potential implications of this situation?