JetBlue Apologizes to Mother

Jennifer-Devereaux-6-13-14Three-year-olds aren't very good at "holding it." That's what JetBlue found out after refusing to allow a young girl to use the restroom, even though the plane was delayed on the turmac. After about a half-hour, the girl urinated in her seat.

When the mother, Jennifer Devereaux, was trying to clean the seat, the flight attendant told her curtly to sit down. Eventually, the pilot turned around the plan and said they were going back to the gate because of a "non-compliant" passenger.

A JetBlue representative called Devereaux to apologize. She told CNN, "She said, 'I am a mom, too. I understand what you [are/were] going through, and I am so sorry this happened to you.'"

The airline also offered Devereaux a $500 voucher for a future fight and $5,000 to a charity of her choice. But she said, "I didn't care about a voucher. That kind of stuff doesn't matter to me. But I did want an apology for my family because we really felt we were mistreated and felt awful."

JetBlue replied to at least one comment on Twitter:

JetBlue tweet

However, some question whether the FAA regulations speak directly about bathroom use.

On the other side, we have comments criticizing the mother for bringing a three-year-old on a plane without pull-ups.

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Discussion Starters:

  •  The simple apology seemed to work for Devereaux, even more than the voucher and, particularly, THE charity donation, which she didn't mention at all. Did JetBlue waste its money? Should the company have offered something else?
  • What, if any, responsibility did Devereaux have in this situation?