GM CEO Faces More Tough Questions

Appearing at the House committee hearing, GM CEO Mary Barra was prepared to answer questions following an internal investigation. Barra announced 15 terminations and additional disciplinary action based on the report findings and promised "no stone unturned." She also discussed creating a "new standard," a "new norm." 

But Barra was challenged on how she'll change the culture considering her own 30-year tenure and the small number of people terminated. Emphasizing "the right environment," Barra said these terminations "send a message." Watch video.

Lawmakers also pulled emails from 2005 to prove the depth of the internal problem. One email was from an employee who owned an Impala:

"I think this is a serious safety problem, especially if this switch is on multiple programs. I'm thinking big recall."

It wasn't until just this past week that the Impala was recalled.

Although Barra was hopeful that the report would be a turning point in lawmakers' concern, committee members, such as Colorado ongresswoman Diana DeGette, were still skeptical:

"The report does not answer all the key questions. . . .The report singles out many individuals at G.M. who made poor decisions or failed to act, but it doesn't identify one individual in positions of high leadership who was responsible for these systemic failures."

In an interview, Barra sounded proud of the new culture they were creating at GM.

 Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of Barra's approach at this point? Should she or can she do something differently?
  • How well are the lawmaker's handling the line of questioning? What should be their approach at this point?