Companies Adapt to Latin American Markets

McD ColumbiaMashable describes several good examples of how companies adapt their marketing approach to different Latin American countries. In Chapter 2 of the book, we saw McDonald's website examples in different countries. The Mashable article, "For Marketers, 'One-Size-Fits-All' Doesn't Fit in Latin America," features McDonald's along with Coca-Cola and PUMA and highlights a "tip to learn from" for each company:

McDonald's: Showcasing local values

Tip to learn from: Taking a regional approach and then localizing it even further, through content, is a powerful way to be impactful in overseas markets.

Coca-Cola: Giving consumers in Argentina (and beyond) what they want

Tip to learn from: Research and deeply understand local customer demand to create locally tailored products, particularly in emerging markets.

PUMA: Understanding Unique Cultural Histories

Tip to learn from: Insight into deep-rooted cultural and historical nuances is key to resonant and relevant marketing in emerging markets.

Discussion Starters:

  • Read the Mashable article, and discuss how principles in Chapter 2, such as individualism and context sensitivity, play a role in the examples.
  • What potential dangers do you see in tailoring marketing approaches in this way?