Transit Authority's Response to the "Spectacular Crash"

The Chicago Transit Authority isn't saying much about what the Chicago Tribune called a "spectacular crash," and video-watchers are comparing to a disaster movie.

  CTA 2

More than 30 people were injured in the accident, but the CTA's communications, as PR Daily points out, just stick to the facts:


As I theorized during the recent MTA Metro-North accident, as a government-funded organization, CTA is probably following old, conservative rules about showing remorse.

Although the CTA says it's investigating all possible causes, Robert Kelly, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308, confirmed that the operator was tired: "Indications are she might have dozed off."

Discussion Starters:

  • What advice is CTA likely following in deciding how and what to communicate?
  • What advice would you give the agency if you were the director of communication? Or, another way to think about this is, what's the right thing to do?
  • Prepare a statement that the CTA could send to show that it's run by actual people.