"Whitest" Valentine's Day Ads Ever

Vice.com criticized FTD for producing stereotypical, white-only ads for Valentine's Day:

"Besides jewelers, the other big early February advertisers are of course flower-delivery companies. The biggest-Florists' Transworld Delivery-just released four new commercials, all featuring generic, white, hetero, annoying-as-humanly-possible actor-couples."

In four videos, FTD's ad agency Epsilon Chicago portrays couples arguing. 

AdWeek also criticized the ads:

"These ads don't bite-they're amusing and well acted-but they do feel dated. The rhythm and style recall late-'90s/early-'00s sitcoms, with bird-brained guys and whiny women over-obsessing about their relationship woes. And why do we get youngish white hetero couples each time?"

The Vice.com article was particularly critical of the ad agency:

"Be thankful, Hispanics, African Americans, and Gays, who you are not in FTD's target demo. Because those scripts written by the white hack copywriters from the very white Chicago ad agency Epsilon would have been wincingly awkward, and probably racist."

Discussion Starters:

  • With same-sex marriage winning popularity across the country and the population becoming increasing non-white, why would FTD focus only on white straight couples?
  • Do you agree with Vice.com's concern that attempts for diversity would fail? Is it better to just play it safe? What are the other options?