McDonald's Vietnamese Communications

McDonald's has entered the Vietnamese market, opening its first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

McDonald's also has a fledgling Vietnamese Facebook page with a mere 143 likes as of this writing. Looking at the photos, McDonald's seems to be marketing to a collectivist society, which defines Vietnam. Although we see a few product images, most of the photos are of happy people, some singles, but mostly in small and large groups. 

Graphics around the restaurant also may be tailored for the Vietnamese people. Big plastic forms surround the store, an usual image for Americans.

In a time-lapsed video, McDonald's shows the construction of its new restaurant.

Discussion Starters:

  • Compare McDonald's Vietnamese communications to those tailored to other countries. Use examples from Chapter 2 of the textbook, or find your own examples online.
  • Other than the obvious difference in language, what other examples in the videos seem to be targeted to the Vietnamese people?
  • How does the new Facebook page compare to McDonald's restaurant pages in other parts of the world? Choose a few examples of individualist societies to draw some conclusions about intercultural communication.