Big Brands Use Few @Replies

A new Simply Measured study shows that top brands are still reluctant to engage customers on Twitter. In the fourth quarter of 2013, 98 of the 100 largest global brands tweeted every day, with the average company tweeting 12 times each day. However, @replies trailed.

Only 46% of these companies sent one or more @replies each day. Although companies may interact one-on-one with people via direct messages on Twitter, which Simply Measured has no way of tracking, the low percentage makes us wonder how well companies are engaging customers online.

Pizza Hut leads the way, representing almost half of the 68,000 @replies sent from the entire top 100.

Simply Measured data

Of course, this is only one metric of an engaged brand on Twitter.

Discussion Starters:

  • How would you explain the high level of activity on Twitter but relatively few @replies?
  • Do individual (one-on-one) interactions matter? Is it worth the time spent?
  • What is your own experience interacting one-on-one with brands on Twitter? What examples can you share of @replies or direct messages?