Companies May Get Access to What People Say About Them on FB

Facebook-Privacy-GuideLots of conversations about companies' products and services happen on Facebook, but companies aren't always privy to them. Now, Facebook is looking for a way to give companies access and the ability to respond.

Facebook is at a disadvantage compared to Twitter, on which brands easily see what it said about them: all they have to do is search for their name. On Facebook, the process is trickier: people have privacy setting that don't allow for searchable conversations. According to Chris Daniels, vice president of business development for Facebook, "We know people are talking about TV, movies, and media on Facebook. We know it's happening on Facebook more than anywhere else. We just need to surface that more."

With newly developed application programming interfaces (APIs), companies could see those conversations on Facebook, but users would have to adjust their privacy settings. Also, how would users react when companies jump in on what might feel like a private conversation among Facebook friends?

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Discussion Starters:

  • What's your opinion of the new technology? How would you feel as a Facebook user?
  • What should companies consider when deciding whether to jump into Facebook conversations or respond to Facebook comments about a brand?