Gap Responds Swiftly to Racist Comments

When Gap heard one of its ads was graffitied with racist comments, the company responded quickly.

Gap created an ad featuring Waris Ahluwalia, an Indian-American designer and actor, and Quentin Jones, a model and filmmaker. Much of the reaction was positive, but not everyone was happy with the portrayal. This version of the ad made the rounds on Twitter:

Gap ad

When Gap learned of the graffitied ad, the company asked for more information, which is appropriate before deciding how to respond. Soon after, Gap changed its Twitter banner to the original image:

Gap response 2

Support for Gap's response traveled throughout Twitter, with people thanking Gap and promising to shop the store for the holidays.

Still, Gap's other ads as part of the "Make Love" campaign are getting mixed reviews. An ad featuring two men was defaced with homophobic comments. That one was ordered removed by the mayor of Chicago.

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Discussion Starters:

  • What's your assessment of Gap's response? What worked well?
  • I don't see any Gap comments or tweets about the situation. Should the company have done anything else?