Another Video from Low Pay Is Not OK

Here's another video brought to us by Low Pay Is Not OK, the organization promoting higher wages for fast-food workers. The last video was a captioned telephone call from McDonald's employee Nancy Salgado, asking about health and other benefits. This one takes issue with advice from the company to its employees. 

In an email, the video was advertised with this introductory text:

Don't they read this stuff before they post it on the web?

McDonald's knows they don't pay their employees like me enough to make ends meet. But instead of paying us enough to get by, their "help" consists of a website that's chock full of CLUELESS (and offensive!) tips. You have to see it to believe it.

Titled, "McDonald's Really Told Their Employees to Quit Complaining," the video refers to documentation for employees:

 Discussion Starters:

  • What persuasion strategies are used in the video? Which are most and least effective in encouraging higher pay for workers?
  • The music and graphics are similar to those used in the previous video. In what ways do they support and detract from the message?