What Do the New Common App and Health Care Have in Common?

Technology problems abound. For weeks, the new health care system has been criticized for causing enrollment issues. Now, the new college Common Application system is causing universities, such as Georgia Tech, to extend the review process for prospective students.

Common App

Students have reported that they can't log into the system or upload documents, while universities can't download applications. Jason Locke, interim associate vice provost for enrollment at Cornell, blamed the problems on inadequate testing: "Many aspects of the system simply weren't thoroughly tested and should not have been launched."

Yes, we see a theme.

A Huffington Post article identified three major problems with the Common App system:

  • Failure to modernize
  • Failure to simplify the process
  • Failure to acknowledge user experience

Discussion Starters:

  • Read the Huffington Post article. Which of the three failures do you believe is most prevalent and why?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the Common App and the health care situations?