Spy Convo Live Tweeted from Train

Spies: Don't talk on the phone while on a public train. A passenger on an Acela train near Philadelphia overheard former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden criticizing the Obama Administration during an interview.

Matzzie 1
Matzzie 2

At a certain point, Twitter monitors caught onto the situation, and passenger Tom Matzzie tweeted this: a photo of himself with Matzzie. Apparently, they became BFFs because they both like the Steelers.  Matzzie 6

Matzzie 5

  Matzzie r

 Discussion Starters:

  • What are the ethical considerations in this situation? Consider the position of the CIA/NSA, the American public, journalists, and other constituencies.
  • Where did Hayden go wrong? How well did he recover?
  • Matzzie seems to change his tune, so to speak, in later tweets. Why do you think this happened?