McDonald's Employee Help Line Is Recorded

You many remember Nancy Salgado, who recently confronted McDonald's USA President about her wages. She claims to be working at the restaurant chain for 10 years and is making $8.25 an hour.

The organization "Low Pay Is Not OK" posted a recording of her call to McDonald's employee help line. I received an email about the incident: 

  McDonald's help line

Video captions of the phone interaction focus on public assistance for McDonald's workers: 


Discussion Starters: 

  • How do you assess the organization's argument that the public is supplementing workers' wages? In what ways do you find this argument convincing, and how does it fall short?
  • Imagine that you're the person who received Salgado's call on the help line. How would you react to the posted video? Should she have done anything differently on the call?
  • The recording is clearly edited. What do you think may have happened during the deleted portions? Does that affect your reaction?