Users Aren't Happy About Yahoo Mail Changes

Trying to be more Gmail-like, Yahoo has changed how its mail system works, and people don't like it. Users are organizing online by signing a petition, participating in a Facebook group, and posting to a Yahoo Mail forum with comments such as this:

Yahoo Mail
The petition asks Marissa Mayer to revert back to the old mail:

Yahoo Mail 2

People are complaining most about the lack of tabs and ability to multitask:

"We are asking Yahoo to restore the old version - with tabs, with the ability to edit an email and switch to a folder - to multi-task like we used to be able to do. If they are unable to do so, we want them to restore these BUSINESS-CRITICAL functions to Yahoo Mail.

"Most of us picked Yahoo because of its interface. We don't like gmail! Please let us go back!"

On the Yahoo Mail forum, the company explains the new features this way:

"We have refreshed your inbox with more room for messages and added exciting new features you will love. These include 1TB of free mail storage, Conversations, Stunning new Themes, Attachments preview and much more. Please note that while there is no way to revert to the previous version of Yahoo Mail, you can learn more about the new features.

"We want to hear what you think about Yahoo Mail. Help us make it better for you. The more specific your feedback, the more useful for us. While we can't respond to every suggestion, we do take your suggestions seriously and review them regularly."

Discussion Starters:

  • What features do you most appreciate in your current email program? Compare those to Yahoo Mail's functionality. 
  • How could Yahoo have communicated the changes differently?
  • How should Yahoo address these complaints now?