Vine: The Twitter of Video

Vine videos are taking off, and companies are starting to create them. Vine is a mobile Twitter service that lets users capture and share six-second videos on a loop.

CIO identified five companies that are making good use of the service. Home improvement store Lowes, for example, has posted several "Fix in Six" videos with helpful suggestions, such as using cayenne pepper to keep squirrels out of your garden. Ad agency BBDO posted this video about the idea:

Companies also are creating commercials on Vine, although it's unclear who was first. Five days ago, Ad Week reported Dunkin' Donuts as the first:

"During this evening's Monday Night Football pregame show on ESPN, Dunkin' Donuts will run what's most certainly the first TV ad made entirely from a single Vine-Twitter's popular six-second social video format."

Dunkin' Donuts Vine

But four days ago, Mashable reported Trident as introducing the "first, 6-second Vine TV ad."

Trident Vine

Regardless, they're both silly/cute/fun/dumbck your adjective.

Discussion Starters:

  • Read CIO's examples of companies using Vine. What other ideas do you have for how companies could use the service?
  • What's next for short, mobile messages? Any predictions?