Chobani Apologizes for Moldy Yogurt

Chobani FB apology
Chobani's CEO and Founder Hamdi Ulukaya is personally apologizing for selling moldy yogurt produced in its Idaho facility.

In a letter on the Chobani website, Ulukaya opens with, "I'm sorry we let you down.

"From the workers in our factories to our sales teams on the road, there is nothing we take greater pride in than making a perfect cup of yogurt."

Chobani also communicated updates through a press release and its Facebook page. The company's communication has been generally web received, as shown in these two Facebook posts:




Chobani FB responses

However, several customers said it had been "weeks" since they reported the bad product on Chobani's Facebook page, but the company responded only recently.

Also, I doubt I'm the only one who finds the CEO's large, sad-looking photo a bit odd.

Discussion Starters:

  • Compare Chobani's communications: press release, letter, and Facebook post. How did the company adapt the message to different audiences and media?
  • What works well about the CEO's letter, and what could be improved?