Mercedes Removes Weird "Service Song" Video

AdWeek called Mercedes-Benz's "Service Song" video "Weird, Cheesy, Suggestive, and Embarrassing." The video here is a bootleg copy; the company has removed the official version after enough ridicule. (Download Mercedes Service Song.)


The beginning lyrics follow:

"I like them to be strong, that they can catch me when I skid/Like them to turn me on, I thought that some of them did/But just as I needed a helping hand, so many men were 'out of service,' not like you … You only give your best, won't stop until I smile."

AdWeek argues that the video is "downmarket" for the luxury brand. It does seem kitschy: the hokey images, 1980s-style song (although catchy!)...

The AdWeek writer's prediction came to pass: "I give it a week before it's gone from YouTube."

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your assessment of the Service Song video? Do you agree with AdWeek's perspective? 
  • Did the company do the right thing by taking down the video? What are the arguments for and against this move?