Papa John's Apologizes for Racial Slurs

A Papa John's delivery person left a racist voice mail, and the company has taken action.

Apparently, the driver dialed the customer's number by accident, leaving the customer to hear an incredibly insulting message intended only for the employee's coworker. (You can listen to the voice mail here, but I don't recommend it; a slur is repeated a ridiculous number of times.)

Keith, the Papa John's manager, said, "We were made aware of the video, and it's under investigation. We're sorry that it happened." He confirmed that the employees involved have been terminated.

In addition, CEO John Schnatter posted this message on the company's Facebook page:

Papa John's

Schnatter also replied to one of the many Facebook posts about the situation:

"I, too, am extremely appalled by these former employees' actions and sincerely appreciate it being brought to our attention. The thinking of these people is counter to mine and my company's values and we will not tolerate it. We immediately terminated those involved and will continue to educate all on our team. I personally have reached out to the customer to share my deepest apology.

"We thank you for allowing us to correct this horrible situation."

 Discussion Starters:

  • Asssess the company's response. What's your reaction to the termination decision and the two posts? What works well about the company's response and what, if anything, could be improved?
  • What else, if anything, should Papa John's do in this situation?