J.C. Penney Removes "Hitler Teapot" from Billboard

Does this teapot look like Hitler to you? It does to some people, and J.C. Penney responded by removing the image from a billboard in California.

Hitler teapot billboard

J.C. Penney responded to several tweets, such as this one:

JC Penney response

Despite the criticism-or perhaps because of it-the teapots sold out online but can be had for a mere $199.99 on Ebay. Or you can place a back order for just $40.

Hitler teapot on Ebay
The teapot was designed by Michael Graves. Here are more of his J.C. Penney products. Do you see any other political figures, criminal master-minds, celebrities, or religious figures?

Discussion Starters:

  • When should a company ignore social media reactions? Is this one of those situations?
  • What could be the consequences of J.C. Penney's leaving the billboard as is? Do you think it would be worth the risk?