A Grammarian After My Own Heart

I want to meet this person: someone with a sharp grammatical mind and a sharp pen fixed errors at a sculpture park at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As yet, no one has accepted responsibility, but I may have found my soul mate.


I admit, I've done my share of marking public typos. In some cases, I just take a photo, but other times I can't control myself. In this first example, I asked the Starbucks barista for a marker, and she obliged. In the second exmaple, I was alone in the stairwell with a pen. What choice did I have?

Starbucks - It's her day - after Personel


Discussion Starters:

  • When have you found typos on public signs? What did you do?  
  • Shouldn't we have a law protecting typo vigilantes, sort-of like the Good Samaritan Law? No?