Anti-Gay Marriage or Just Anti-Relationship?

Beer brewer Tui posted a billboard in response to New Zealand's legalization of same-sex marriage. It's meant to be funny but has caught a negative reaction. 


Controversy is brewing (sorry) on the Tui's Facebook page, but the company is defending the ad.

Tui FB comment

Tui's marketing manager said that "Yeah right" ads have been around since 1994:

"There have been a fair few 'Yeah Right' lines which have made it to the billboards over this time, all of which have been generated with the intention of delivering a smile to New Zealanders.

"Given the duration of this campaign and the quantity of 'Yeah Right' lines, occasionally there is the odd... line, which doesn't hit the mark in generating a smile for all.

"Our intention with the current Tui Yeah Right billboard 'Dad's new husband seems nice' was to highlight the common situation or uncertainty experienced when someone's parent remarries.

"Given the recent passing of the Same Sex Marriage Bill in Parliament, this 'Yeah Right' line is a topical spin at the age-old situation of a parent's new partner."

It's true: Tui has a long history of edgy "Yeah Right" ads. Here are 16 others.

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of Tui's ad: tasteless, insensitive, funny, or something else?
  • Look at Tui's other "Yeah Right" ads.  Do you find them funny? Does this context change your perception of the gay-marriage ad?