E-Board Member Embarrasses Her Sorority

An executive board member of the Delta Gamma sorority at the University of Maryland let the entire sorority know how she felt in a scathing, obscenity-filled email. In her rant, she accuses her sisters of being boring, awkward, weird, stupid-and worse.

Apparently, the last straw was an event with Sigma Nu fraternity, during which some sisters weren't at their best. Still, one wonders whether their behavior was so egregious as to deserve being threatened: "I will...assault you."

One of the great ironies of the email is her concern about the sorority's image:

"Seriously, if you have done ANYTHING I've mentioned in this email and have some rare disease where you're unable to NOT do these things, then you are HORRIBLE, I repeat, HORRIBLE PR FOR THIS CHAPTER."

The president of the University of Maryland chapter responded:

 DG response

Discussion Starters:

  • Assess the chapter president's response? What works well, and what could be improved?
  • Should the email author also respond? If so, what should she say?
  • How, if at all, do you think this incident reflects on Sigma Nu? Should the fraternity do anything in response?