Carnival Cruise Apologizes for Stranded Ship

Triumph, the stranded Carnival Cruise ship will finally reach a port in Alabama today after a fire caused power outages on day 4 of the 7-day cruise. Without functioning toilets and air conditioning, and with limited food, the ship has become a vacation nightmare.

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill led a press conference to apologize for not delivering on the company's service promise and to describe plans for getting more than 4,000 passengers home. Cahill also explained what happened with the fire, failure to restart, and tug process. Focusing on getting guests home, he then described plans to get the ship to Mobile, Alabama, and what would happen at the port. Summing up, Cahill thanked local organizations and Carnival team members.

From the ship, one passenger texted ABC news:

"Elderly and handicap are struggling, the smell is gross. Our room is leaking sewage."

In the news conference, Cahill did acknowledge "the conditions on board."

The company cancelled 14 upcoming cruises scheduled for the Triumph. As compensation, Carnival is refunding passengers' money and offering a discounted future cruise (which people aren't too excited about) and $500.

Download Carnival's Press Releases.

Download Carnival's Email to Past Guests.

Discussion Starters:

  • Analyze Cahill's news conference: content, organization, tone, and delivery style. If you were his speech coach, on what would you compliment him, and what suggestions for improvement would you have?
  • How did Cahill handle the "conditions" on board? Did he say enough? Too much? What are the difficulties in addressing the situation of sewage, etc.?
  • From your perspective, did Carnival do enough do manage the situation? Is the compensation appropriate?