A Resume to Set You Apart

Philippe Dubost is one clever web product manager. Rather than producing a boring, print resume or an overwhelming online resume, he designed his to resemble an Amazon product page.

The resume has attracted a lot of attention, leading him to post an "Instant update" on his Amazon page: "Hi everyone, thank you so much for the overwhelming (and unexpected!) nice feedback! I'll share what happens on twitter." Dubost also has appeared on news programs to talk about his "Amaz-ing" resume.

Clever resumeWhen asked why Dubost has so many one-star reviews, he tweeted: "lots of ex-girlfriends."

Here are two other recent attempts to get noticed on the job market: 

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of Dubost's resume? Gimmicky, clever, or something else?
  • What risks would you be willing to take to get hired?
  • For what industries or type of positions would this approach be most and least effective?