Teacher May Be Fired for Posting Pics of Students

A teacher is under pressure for posting pictures of her students with duct tape across their mouths. What was intended as a funny moment within a class has become an issue for an Ohio school board.

When a middle-school student had trouble with her binder, 33-year-old teacher Melissa Cairns gave her some duct tape to hold it together. Instead, the student put the tape across her mouth. Getting a laugh from students encouraged others to do the same.

Ohio Teacher

According to Cairns, the students asked her to talk a picture. She did. And posted it to Facebook with the caption, "Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!"

Another school employee reported her. Cairns removed the picture, as requested, but she is now suspended on unpaid leave, awaiting the school's decision. 

Discussion Starters:

  • What about the teacher's perspective (in her video interview) makes sense to you? What doesn't?
  • If you were the school principal, how would you handle the situation? 
  • Imagine that you're a parent of one of the children whose picture was posted. What do you suppose your reaction might be?
  • The CNET article refers to Cairns' "private" Facebook page. Is Facebook private?
  • What could a school do to prevent this type of situation in the future?