Samsung Tries Animal-Loving Ad

After an ad that drew the wrath of PETA, Samsung is trying a new approach.

In November, Samsung pulled an advertisement that compared old laptops to unwanted puppies-both presumably deserving to be shot. The commercial, "Don't Give up on Puppy Love," showed people attacking their computers, which had cartoon-faced puppies drawn over them. One of the commercial's creators at Viral Factory ad firm said, "We've made the decision to make the video private because it was clearly upsetting some people."

Samsung's new commercial features the EcoBubble Washing Machine. With its super green power (or something), the machine returns a brown bear into its polar bear roots.

I don't think it's very cute, but I guess it's better than shooting a puppy.

Discussion Starters:

  • How do you think a company decides whether to pull an ad? What factors would contribute to such a difficult decision? 
  • Identify examples of logic, emotional appeal, and credibility in the new Samsung ad. Does the company achieve the right balance and persuade you to buy the washing machine?