FreshDirect Updates Customers on Storm Recovery

FreshDirect Co-Founder and CEO Jason Ackerman sent an email to update customers on the company's recovery since Hurricane Sandy. Located in Long Island City, Queens, FreshDirect was hit hard by the storm.

Early in the message, Ackerman writes that FreshDirect is "largely back to pre-storm availability." The main point is clear, but where is it placed, and is "largely" the best word choice? 

 Fresh Direct Storm Recovery

With easy-to-read bullets, Ackerman highlights other key messages for customers about meeting service expectations, replacing lost trucks with greener options, and contributing to relief efforts.

Discussion Starters:

  • What are the other strengths of Ackerman's email, and what other suggestions would you make to improve the message?
  • If you were a customer of FreshDirect, how do you think the email would make you feel? How would it affect your image of the company?