Car Wash Company Tries to Balance Aid with Promotion

After American Apparel's failed attempt to capitalize on Hurricane Sandy, other companies are trying to do a better job. Splash Car Wash's email at least offers a service to people affected by the storm.

Car Wash Company - Sandy

The subject line, however, sounds like an overstatement: "Public Service Announcement From Splash Car Wash." Is the company offering financial assistance? And, is a car wash necessary following a major hurricane? I would think that people affected are seeking shelter if they're displaced and food if they're hungry.

On the other hand, Business Insider describes streams of people wanting cellphone power and Wi-Fi access. Located in Stamford, CT, Splash could attract the 39% of Connecticut Light & Power customers without power in Connecticut.

Discussion Starters:

  • What's our view of Splash Car Wash's email? Is this a successful advertisement for the company?
  • What improvements could you make to the email? Consider the text and graphics.
  • What emails have you received from companies about Hurricane Sandy? Which have been successful and why?