Viewer Regrets Comments About TV Anchor's Weight

A local news station viewer in Wisconsin says he "never meant to hurt" the TV anchor whom he accused of being a poor role model for young people because she's obese. Jennifer Livingston's husband posted the email on his Facebook page and wrote that it "infuriated" him.

TV Anchor Email

In a four-minute, on-air response, Livingston called the comments "hurtful" and says that "attacks like this are not okay." She also took the opportunity to reinforce National Anti-Bullying Month.

Krause felt some remorse for his comments. He told ABC News, "It's possible I would revise a few things. I never meant to hurt Jennifer. If she is truly hurt, I do apologize for that." But Krause denied the label of "bully": "I'm in no position to bully her. She's a big media personality. I'm just a working stiff."

Discussion Starters:

  • How effective was Livingston's response in explaining her position? Do you empathize with her more after watching the video?
  • Krause argues that bullying has something to do with power or position. What is his argument, and do you agree with him?