RIM Struggles to Gain Enthusiasm for BlackBerry 10

With decreasing market share, Research in Motion (RIM) is plugging its latest BlackBerry. Through a spoof music video, a CEO video, and other communications, the company is declaring a comeback of the souring brand.

The music video, targeted to developers, didn't go over too well. With the article subtitle, "Not even dad rock can save RIM," a writer for BuzzFeed said, "I mean.... Someone, probably a millionaire with a VP title, had to sign off on this."

 Feedback on Twitter wasn't too positive either:

RIM video 1
CEO Thorsten Heins spoke as the BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote. Do you find the first nine seconds "exhilarating"?

One blogger wrote a disappointing review for BlackBerry 10, summarized in this way:

"The general theme of Heins' keynote was that the company is trying hard to come back from the brink. In fact, at several points, Heins talked about fighting back. And while it's good to see that BlackBerry 10 has seen some significant advances in the past four months, the fact that we still haven't seen any final pieces of hardware beyond the Dev Alpha Developer Kit, is somewhat disheartening."