Marco Rubio Misses the Last Page of His Speech

Florida Senator and potential Romney running mate Marco Rubio forgot the last page of his speech at the Brookings Institution. Fortunately, someone nearby had a copy, and he quickly recovered, but the incident raises other issues about his presentation style. 

One media coach also criticized Senator Rubio for his reading, his lack of passion, and that he just kept going once he found the missing page. Instead, he suggested that Rubio make light of situation: "Well, since this moment will end up on YouTube, it's a great chance to tell people about our vision for the 21st Century."

Others criticized Rubio partly because of a comment he made about President Obama's delivery style in 2010. The New York Times reported that Rubio referred to the president as, "the most articulate and talented teleprompter reader in America." Of course, a teleprompter can go down, too.

Discussion Starters:

  • Watch more of Marco Rubio's speech. What does he do well, and what would you suggest he change?
  • What advice would you give Rubio to avoid losing a page of his speech? Stapling isn't a great option-anything else?