KLM's "Meet and Seat": Choosing a Flight Mate Just Got Social

KLM just announced Meet & Seat, a new program that allows passengers to link their Facebook or LinkedIn profile to their flight to see who else is flying. Passengers can see whether they know anyone on board or select someone who seems interesting.

The airline promotes the program primarily for business networking:

"Meet & Seat facilitates contact with fellow travellers who have the same background or interests, making air travel even more stimulating for KLM passengers. They can find out whether someone they know will be travelling on the same flight, or discover who else will be attending the same conference in the USA, for example. Through Meet & Seat they might arrange to have a coffee before their flight, select adjoining seats or decide to share a taxi afterwards."

But this animated video focused on more social reasons for Meet & Seat:

Discussion Starters:

  • Do you think KLM's Meet & Seat is a good idea? How could it benefit the airline?
  • What are the potential risks of the program for the airline?
  • Would you use the program if you were planning to take an KLM flight?