RIM's #BeBold: Another Hijacked Hashtag


As McDonald's learned last week, Twitter hashtags may not get the results that companies want. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion started the hashtag #BeBold, but unfavorable tweets started soon after:

"Be Bold" is part of RIM's marketing campaign involving the Bold Team, a group of cartoon characters, which has also been criticized as "cheesy":

"Each character comes with a name (like Trudy Foreal) and cheesy biography that seems to cater to the younger demographic.

"If there was ever any question RIM was running out of ideas in the business and professional sectors, this cartoon collective is your definitive answer."

Although companies are trying new approaches, they may have to give up the hashtag: it's too easy for people to use the tag for their own fun.

Discussion Starters:

  • What would you advise companies who want to use a hashtag on Twitter? Could a different approach work, or is it too risky?
  • What's your reaction to RIM's Bold Team? Do you find this to be an effective marketing strategy for young people and, if so, how young?