Twitter's Funny Viral Recruiting Video

During "Hack Week" at Twitter, employees work in teams to test new tools and make Twitter easier to use. The program encourages innovation and, this year, resulted in a parody of corporate recruiting videos that garnered almost 600,000 views within four days.


 Ian Padgham, a member of Twitter's design team, explains the inspiration for the video:

"Recruiting videos are the worst. Jeremy and I decided to make the worst possible video ever, since there was no way to make a good one. Knowing that #HackWeek was coming up, we wanted to have fun and embrace the awesome creative environment you find at Twitter."

Padgham may have a point. Corporate recruiting videos try to lure candidates, but many end up hokey and fake.

Discussion Starters:

  • How similar is Twitter's joke video to the recruiting videos you've seen?
  • Have you seen any good recruiting videos? What do you like about them?
  • How can companies improve their recruiting videos? Or are they doomed?