"Emergency" Text Message Scares NJ Residents

Verizon emergency text
Imagine receiving this text message that produces a strange sound on your phone and locks your Android. The message was just a test, but this was unclear to thousands in New Jersey who called 911 centers throughout the state. In an apology statement, Verizon spokesman David Samberg explained:

This test message was not clearly identified as a test. We apologize for any inconvenience or concern this message may have caused.

New Jersey's Homeland Security Office issued a tweet and a Facebook message to clarify the  situation. Is it just me, or is the tweet just as scary as the emergency text?Homeland Sec tweet

Discussion Starters:

  • How could this happen? Read more about the situation and determine what could be improved in the message creation and distribution process to avoid a similar situation in the future.
  • Revise the NJ Homeland Security Office's tweet and Facebook message. How can you improve these?