12 Recent Firings Because of Social Media Posts

As an early Christmas present, Sam Fiorella gives us 12 examples of employees fired because of posts to social media sites. The line-up includes these gems: 

  • Former Representative Anthony Weiner, who tweeted obscene pictures of himself, thinking he was sending a direct message to one person
  • @ChryslerAutos, who tweeted the F-bomb to followers, thinking he was using his personal twitter account. Scott Bartosiewicz explains what happened in this video:

  • An NBC staff member who posted a video of Bryant Gumbel looking foolish and asking questions such as "What is the Internet?" (Well, it was 1994.)

Discussion Starters:

  • In these and the other situations, do you believe that the employee deserved to be fired? What are the arguments for and against termination in each case?
  • Of these situations, which do you think is the most egregious? Why?
  • How could some of these situations have been avoided?