Call Facebook Friends from Skype

Skype has announced Facebook-to-Facebook calling. This is a refined feature following the Skype + Facebook partnership introduced in July. In its announcement, Skype describes the feature:

Initiating a Facebook-to-Facebook call from within Skype is quite easy; all you need to do is connect your Skype and Facebook accounts. Then, select a Facebook friend and hit the video call button in Skype -- your friend simply picks up the call from Facebook. This new feature lets you maintain social connections with your Facebook friends and compliments [sic] previously announced features such as being able to see when your Facebook friends are online, read their status updates, and IM them all from Skype.

Discussion Starters:

  • Skype's announcement is an example of a sales message. What principles does it follow for writing sales messages?
  • In the above excerpt from Skype's announcement, I've added "[sic]" next to the word "compliment." What does this mean?
  • What possibilities do you see for using this feature in a business environment?