Do Real Men Drink (Diet) Dr Pepper?

Dr Pepper 10In a popular ad campaign, Dr Pepper appeals to men: "It's not for women." You may have seen the commercial, which shows "what guys want": shooting, jeeps, and yelling.

Some call the ad "tasteless -- more mocking than macho." The campaign does explicitly exclude women. If you're a woman and try to use the company's Facebook app, you'll get this message:

"Sorry, ladies. Dr Pepper 10 isn't for women. But we may have something more your speed at"

Dr Pepper 10's Facebook page is a flurry of activity with over 10 million "likes." One fan isn't fooled at all:


Dr Pepper 10 FB

Discussion Starters:

  • Do you consider the ad sexist, as some believe it is? Why or why not?
  • Does the campaign encourage you to try Dr Pepper 10 or avoid it? Or, are you indifferent either way?