New Study: Social Media Posts Can Make or Break a Hiring Decision

Infographic - social media and hiring Previous studies have shown that people involved in the hiring process search online for candidates. A new study by Reppler confirms that 91% search Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn before making a hiring decision.

This study gives us good and bad news about the results of these searches. Although 69% of employers have rejected a candidate because of what they saw posted, 68% have hired a candidate for the same reason.

The study reminds us that smart candidates post positive information about themselves online. Here's an enlarged infographic.

Assignment Ideas: 

  • Google yourself and see what you reveal. Are you well represented on the web? Do you want to change anything to improve your online reputation?
  • Create a LinkedIn page if you don't already have one. To bolster your online reputation via LinkedIn, add connections, provide more detail in your profile, and join professional groups.