Winning Colorado Video Has Factual Errors

Whether you find the winning video about Colorado cute or dorky, it has several errors. The state ran a "We Love Colorado" video contest and selected a winner of the $1500 prize: "Colorado: The Musical." Sure, the state has a lot to offer, but the writers erred on these facts:

  • "Colorado was the first state to allow women to vote." (That would be Wyoming.)
  • "The cheeseburger was invented here in1935." (not verifiable)
  • Delicate Arch is one of the photos shown (but it's in Utah).

Donald Zuckerman, director of Colorado's Office of Film, Television & Media, defended the video choice: 

"We don't have the manpower to check every fact and every new thing. What struck me about the video is that it was funny and fun and cute and that it may appeal to the general public."


Discussion Starters:

  • How could the video writers/performers have done a better job of verifying their facts?
  • Do you fault the government office for selecting this video, or do you understand the director's explanation? 
  • Errors aside, do you believe the video does a good job of promoting Colorado and meeting the objectives of the "We Love Colorado" video contest?