Madonna + Smirnoff Social Media Campaign

Smirnoff has turned to Madonna for its next big promotion. For its Nightlife Exchange Project, Smirnoff and Madonna are looking for "the world's best dancer." In a video advertisement, people are encouraged to "Represent your country on the world's stage."

Smirnoff's Facebook page is a flurry of activity, but at least one fan is looking for clearer communication: 


 Discussion Starters:

  • How will Madonna and Smirnoff complement each other's brand? Consider the target market for each. What are the risks of this association to each brand? (Think Gilbert Gottfried for Aflac.)
  • Given your experience and what you know about social media, do you think this campaign will be successful? Why or why not?
  • What persuasive strategy (or strategies) is Smirnoff using by associating with Madonna?

Assignment Ideas:

  • Rewrite the video script to promote the campaign. Include clearer instructions for fans like Victor.
  • Explore Smirnoff's Facebook page for instructions about the dance contest. Identify three ways to make information more accessible to fans.