Good Job News for IT Professionals

Despite the depressing economic news, tech hiring is booming. How does a $50,000 sign-on bonus sound? Trips, parties, and perks are in full force to lure potential candidates to technology companies such as Yammer and Dreamforce.For tech professionals, the unemployment rate is merely 3.3%, considered full employment by some. Jobs in high demand include "cloud computing engineers, security experts, and mobile developers as well as sales professionals in the technology industry" according to a BusinessWeek article. Some cities are seeing tremendous growth in tech jobs; tech hiring in Detroit, for example, has grown 66% as automakers use more sophisticated technology in cars and require specialized skills.

Tech jobs

 Discussion Starters:

  • How can technology job seekers distinguish themselves in this competitive market?
  • How can you explain the boom in tech jobs when the rest of the economy isn't faring so well?
  • Which perks do you consider most effective in attracting candidates to jobs? Which, if any, would be most likely to convince you to take a job?