"Gigs for Grads" Are Looking Up

Course Hero created this infographic to summarize recent research about college graduates' job prospects. You'll see quite a lot of good news according to the National Association for Colleges and Employers, including an average salary offer increase of 4.8% for 2011 grads. Also, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified several areas for large growth by 2018: education, business, multimedia and web design, nursing, and software engineering.

GigsforGrads 2011 Infographic

Discussion Starters:

  • The infographic shows a discrepancy between growing fields and students' chosen majors. Does knowing that a particular area is expected to grow affect your choice of major? Why or why not?
  • Eight of the ten highest paying jobs are in Engineering, but only 8.2% of undergraduates have chosen this major. Does knowing that you could have more income potential in Engineering than in your chosen field affect your career choice? Why or why not?