Company Examples for Chapter 12: Employment Communication

Professor Posts "CV of Failures" (May 2016) CV of Failures

What a great lesson for students: We all fail sometimes. This CV example could start an interesting discussion about how we present ourselves during the job search process.


Canva Offers Resume Design Suggestions

For our creative students, design site Canva shows how to set a resume apart.  


Resume Heat Map Demonstrates Recruiters' Time (December 2015) Heat map

See how recruiters spend their six seconds on resumes with this heat map created with eye tracking technology. This video may help students determine resume design and organization.


Older Examples

See a collection of online resumes at has a good collection of cover letters and resumes, if you're looking for more than your school's career center has to offer.

Creative Amazon-like resume by Philippe Dubost.

Student's bold cover letter gets surprising results.

Boastful cover letter by an NYU student. Background information.

Creative LEGO resume. Background information.