RIM CEO Stops Media Interview on Tough Question

The Story

If you don't like the question, just stop the interview. That seems to be the approach taken by Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Mike Lazaridis during a BBC interview. When the interviewer asked Lazaridis about BlackBerry security issues in India, Lazaridis seemed angry and said, "That's just not fair" and "Turn that off." He stopped the interview abruptly.

Discussion Starters

  • A Yahoo! News article refers to the incident as "a textbook case on how not to act during an on-camera interview." What is your reaction to the video? Do you think the BBC reporter crossed a line with his questionning? Did Lazaridis act in RIM's best interest? 
  • How could Lazaridis have handled the situation differently? 

Assignment Ideas

  • In small groups, analyze the BBC interviewer's line of questionning. Given Lazaridis' reaction, how well do you think he handled the situation? 
  • In pairs, role play the interview. As Lazaridis, try to address the interviewer's questions differently. What can you say that might show RIM in a better light?