Nokia and Microsoft Announce Partnership

The Story

Following Stephen Elop's communication to Nokia employees earlier in the week, he and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a strategic alliance between Nokia and Microsoft.  Analysts say the deal is bad news for Nokia, which will likely face job losses.  Nokia's stock fell 14% following the news.

 Discussion Starters

  • In the press conference video, whose presentation style do you prefer: Elop's (Nokia) or Ballmer's (Microsoft)?  Why?  What principles from Chapter 11 does each speaker use?
  • How do both speakers signal new topics?  This is particularly challenging without visuals to cue the audience.  

Assignment Ideas

  • Watch the Q&A video.  Write 2-3 additional questions you would like to ask either Elop or Ballmer. 
  • Create presentation slides or other visuals for one of the speakers.  How can you complement their presentations with visuals?
  • Analyze Elop and Ballmer's Open Letter.  In a memo to your instructor, identify communication strategies used effectively and ineffectively in the letter.  What works well, and what could be improved?