Embarrassing Newspaper Headlines

The Story

This week, two newspapers released headlines that should have been caught.  The first apparently was intended as a placeholder (unless editors at the New Orleans Timescayune believe "barllskdjf" is a word).  The second, on the front page of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, read, "On to Chicaco" instead of "Chicago."

 Newspaper headline

Discussion Starters

  • How serious are these errors for a newspaper?  What do you think are the potential effects of such errors for journalists?
  • How do you think these mistakes might have happened?  
  • What mistakes have you made in your own writing that have caused you embarrassment?  In retrospect, how do you think your own mistakes could have been avoided?

Assignment Ideas

  • Look at the site Funny Typos.  In small groups, talk about which errors are the worst.  What criteria do you use to determine which are worst?
  • Try a new proofreading technique for your own writing.  Looking at the suggestions in Chapter 5, what could you incorporate into your writing process that you're not doing today?