Gap in Ethics? Made in U.S.A. = Made in China

The Story

Gap, consistently rated one of Ethisphere's Most Ethical Companies, is under fire.  The company's "Feed USA" campaign promised to donate $5 to school lunches for each bag sold.   Although the poster advertising the campaign is stamped "Made in the U.S.A.," the bags themselves have a label that reads "Made in China."


Discussion Starters

  • What do you think of this situation?  Looking at the images posted, do you think the campaign is misleading, or is this no big deal?
  • How do you think this bodes for the Gap's rating as one of the most ethical companies? Would you withdraw this distinction, or keep it for other reasons?

Assignment Ideas

  • A representative for the Gap responded to the story: "'We regret any misunderstanding,' a rep for The Gap tells Consumerist, adding that the Feed USA Canvas Tote bag and the Bandana Bag are actually both made here in the good old U S of A. 'However, the FEED USA Denim Bucket bags are made in China, and should not have been connected to the made in the USA signs.... We apologize for any inaccurate messaging.'"  However, the signage doesn't indicate that some of the bags were made in China, and bags made in China still have the "Feed USA" logo.  Try another approach for Gap.  What could you say instead, which might be better received, considering the situation? 
  • Write an email to Gap explaining your position on the topic.  You choose: either urge the company to change the campaign or show your support for their efforts.